Apr 15, 2012


"I believe a sustainable future for society and the world requires a paradigm shift toward a more feminine system. Men should find a profound humility and realise that they were born with the strength to better serve and protect the feminine in society. Placing themselves in the service of feminine wisdom will allow men to find their true beauty and radiance. That is the appropriate role for male power - not to dominate and subjugate the rest of humanity and nature. (...) Male power is disconnected from a more interior or organic relationship to the environment and the world. It's a bizarre, hierarchical fortress where all they care about is their own team, just like an army. Someone like Rupert Murdoch can't understand the world beyond his army; it's the most virulent, broken aspect of maleness. Biology introduced that mind-set to men through testosterone to protect the family and the tribe, but that's completely broken and is causing the downfall of our species. Now it's people stockpiling enough weapons to destroy the world 4,000 times over. That male impulse has effectively swallowed the rest of humanity - and even more horrifically, it's swallowing our environment and cannibalising our only home."

Words of wisdom spoken by ANTONY HEGARTY in the spring 2012 issue of iD (which, by the way, also includes an amazing interview with Vivienne Westwood). Perhaps the world would be a better place if our countries were ruled by grandmothers. Wise grandmothers, of course - it's only in a perfect world that all people grow wiser with age. Look at Butters' granny, for example. (Ok, the reference was silly, but that doesn't mean I'm not serious.)

The man makes breathtakingly beautiful music too.

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