Apr 16, 2012


I don't know quite what happened today. Which is to say, I can't explain how I ended up looking so preppy. Preppy certainly wasn't my conscious intention, and preppy isn't what I usually do. Preppy just appeared, and it spilled into my spirit, and it being Monday, I appreciated that. It all started with my black Cheap Monday jeans, which I put on with the intention of assembling my good old, done-and-dusted biker look that I've reserved especially for lazy, no-brainer spring days like today. But then whimsy caught me, and I suddenly decided that I wanted to wear my thrifted Munthe Plus Simonsen shirt, which I've only worn once before. I've previously avoided pairing the shirt with jeans, since it makes the shirt - and me - look decidedly butch. I tried to correct that by layering a slouchy, navy, cable knit cotton jumper from ASOS on top of it, but quickly realised that the shirt's huge collar was asking to be pulled out from under my black, slim fitting Comme des Garcons for H&M wool jumper. Contrasts. Much better. Then matchy-matchy got to me, prompting me to dig out my white chucks punctuated by the characteristic thin red line. Finally, I grabbed my old, black bag and reached for the yellow Proenza Schouler for Target jacket I found on an indoor flea market last December to give it its first ever airing by me. All hail to spring!

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