Apr 21, 2012


Some of you may have noticed that a regular feature on the blog has disappeared. My compulsive practice of keeping score of everything I thrift has finally become too tedious a task for me to maintain, so it's been discontinued. But rest assured, I still thrift! Although I've been relatively quiet on the thrifting front (and other fronts for that matter) these past many weeks, I've also been busy thrifting a crazy lot of stuff to play around with. Not because I've been lowering my standards, but because my local charity shops have been changing out their entire stock on account of spring. I actually thrifted so much recently that I've had to reorganise part of my wardrobe. In the process, it became clear to me that I'm ever so slowly succeeding in manifesting my dream wardrobe. As you can see in the above picture, a rainbow is now discernable on my racks. Whilst reorganising, it also became abundantly clear that I need more space.

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