May 30, 2012


Monday was a bank holiday, so I enjoyed the luxury of being able to spend a third day outdoors, just kicking back in good company. The dress I wore is new; thrifted last month for its graphic pattern and pretty pleats. It's very fifties hausfrau and has the grooviest German label:

Until my dream sandals go on offer and I can press "buy" with a clear conscience, I'll have to put another spin on the dress than 'sweet.' It being the first time I wore it, I started out with a nineties take on it, teaming it with my brown docs, a thrifted H&M (L.O.G.G.) jean jacket (speaking of which: what is it with Trinny and Susanna and their irrational hate for this garment?) and my ASOS sunnies. My friend C's boyfriend commented that I looked like someone out of Detroit circa the beginning of the nineties, which is the best comment I've received about my clothes in a good while. It's so gratifying when people read into what I wear on the days I've actually made an effort getting dressed. It definitely beats the odd (albeit sweet) "nice dress" or "you dress like a hippie" (??). Anyway, now it's Wednesday and the weather's been grey these past two days, so I'm back in plain old jeans, big shirts and boots. Laters.


Isabel said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It means I have now discovered your blog, which is freaking great! Your Docs are awesome - keep it coming.

d.h.e.r. said...

Thanks for your comment, Isabel! That's really sweet of you!

Thea vintage said...

Beautiful dress! The label looks like it come from Germany ? :-)