May 28, 2012


Outfit pictures seem to be rolling out of my sleeves these days; let's hope I don't jinx it by observing it in writing. This is me on Sunday wearing another Christmas present: the Wood Wood shorts I blogged about last December. It's the third time I've worn them since the arrival of summer, and I'm loath to report that each time has been filled with the discomfort of having annoying seams irritate the flesh around my stomach to the point of delirious itchiness. But since the shorts were bought in December, I can't return them, and so I keep on pressing on, bravely getting as much wear out of them as I possibly can without losing my mind (I'm looking at you, Wood Wood). Feeling matchy-matchy when I was dressing, I decided it was time to match the colour of the squiggly flower print on the shorts with my shirt and belt. I love matching my shirt with my belt; it doesn't feel as obvious as matching your belt with, say, your shoes or your bag.

Whenever I button my thrifted red Cacharel shirt all the way up, I secretly feel like I belong in Kraftwerk. Perhaps I ought to keep a look-out for a straight black tie in the charity shops, just so I can be even more literal in my references. Black and red are awesome together. (But so is red and blue.)

Perhaps to soothe my shorts troubles, I also did a little cheap shopping on Sunday. These viscose Motel shorts cost me 10 squid at a flash sale on ASOS.

I forgive myself.

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