May 9, 2012


I've been wearing the same thing over and over again this week. Monday I paired my red Black & Brown London belt and my thrifted Acne jeans with my thrifted red Cacharel shirt. Yesterday I paired the same belt and trousers with my thrifted black linen Sand shirt, and today -- drumroll -- I decided that the bright green of my thrifted Bruuns Bazaar shirt would look smashing against the red. I'm officially obsessed with this button-up look.

Another thing I seem to be obsessing over lately is shoes. Big time. There's just so many nice ones out there. Today, I discovered these rose gold metallic leather sandals from British high street giant Topshop and it was love at first sight. But I'll prioritise and be sensible. Nothing wrong with a bit of shoe love though.

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Thea vintage said...

The colour of the skirt is great! We seem to share the passion for thrifting :-)