May 27, 2012


I got these Wolford Bonny Dot Tights for Christmas and have been waiting for the right moment to wear them ever since. Apparently, that moment arrived yesterday when I went to a show at a near-by fire station with the kid and the dude. I love dressing on the weekends; I don't have to consider how my clothes will be decoded in professional situations and can wear whatever I feel like wearing. Yesterday, confetti was what I was feeling.

As you can see, the show at the fire station was a raw exposition of power. Man and fire hose combated fire and came out on top.

We also got a free fire helmet. I'm not quite sure how we've managed to live without it these past 20 months or so.

After nearly a year of fumbling around in front of the camera with tension showing pathetically in my hands, some of you may have noticed that I now master one pose. I even manage to strike a self satisfied smile over this slow but nevertheless extraordinary progression (slow and steady wins the race!). Perhaps it's my new vintage docs that I still wear more or less constantly. The constant wear, however, also means that my two pairs of black boots are in what appears to be a prolonged time-out. In my defense, I did try on both pairs of black boots before leaving the house, but decided the brown docs were the best match. Jealousy is slowly making itself known on my shoe shelves. The printed dress is from the high street store Monki but made its way into my wardrobe via my local charity shop. It's made out of viscose and feels lovely on a summer's day. The pink blazer is also thrifted and used to have a big plastic gold button attached to it (see HERE) that I finally tore off yesterday. The sunnies are current, from ASOS and already favorites. The lens is horrible to look through, so I'll definitely be adding a pair of quality sunglasses in the same style to my 2013 shopping list. This pair will definitely die this summer.

In spite of the missing, mismatched stockings, I have to say that I felt more like Pippi Longstocking than anyone else yesterday. I didn't mind one bit.

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