May 15, 2012


There's a lot of new old stuff happening in this picture which, incidentally, is a pretty accurate reflection of what's happening on my clothing racks these days. Last week, for example, I took home an entire bagful of stuff from my local charity shop. This skirt and cardigan were among these treasures. I've been wanting to add a good quality light grey cardigan to my wardrobe for years, and with this cotton specimen from British heritage brand Henri Lloyd, I can finally say that I have. I can't say that I've been wanting to add a skirt like the one above to my wardrobe for years though. Hanging on the racks it looked positively ugly (yet alluring), and I'm not even sure I think it looks any better or worse on (but obviously still alluring). Even still, something about its offbeat aesthetic obviously spurred me to get it and put it on anyway, in spite of my qualms. It helps, of course, that it's got awesome side pockets too - placed just right, so I've got somewhere to stick my hands to prevent myself from fidgeting too much in awkward situations. I haven't been able to procure any information about the brand, which according to the skirt is called L33. So if it rings any bells to anyone, please do tell. Last but not least, I've finally managed to get my grubby little paws on a pair of brown boots! Scouring ASOS' Marketplace a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this pair of vintage Dr. MartensThey're all I've worn since they came in the post. Boot bliss.

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Thea vintage said...

The boots and cardigan is such classics! Very nice finds - and can be styled with everything!