Jun 17, 2012


More than anything, this picture - in which I strike an eagle pose to show you just how boxy my vintage Lee jacket is - firmly confirms that my spirit animal most definitely is not the eagle. The dress, which reminds me of a brown paper bag, is a stiff corduroy thing from Swedish brand Whyred that I thrifted for candy back in February. Quietly chic, the dress doesn't make a lot of noise and consequently sort of fits any occasion. With a dress as easy to wear as this one, it's only natural that I should have lost count of how many times I've worn it by now. You could perhaps argue that it's not really a summer dress though, but then you'd also have to ask yourself if there's really any reason to let yourself be bothered by details like that when June's weather is feeling more like October's. Summer or not, I dressed the dress with a glossy, black, croc effect, Black & Brown London leather belt, brown Dr. Martens and, not least, my huge Marc Jacobs sunnies, which were a welcome change from my retro style ASOS ones, which are disturbingly cloudy to look through. Like back in the third grade when I got my first pair of glasses, I'm rediscovering how pleasant spending a day outside with 20/20 vision can be.


Anna said...

I love this outfit! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I agree, thrifting is the best!

Claire said...

love this look i follow you on bloglovin. ♥ xx claireskingdom.blogspot.fr

Maxens M. Finch said...

You're so imaginative in your outfits and sound so knowledgeable about stuffs <3