Jun 21, 2012


Today, summer decided to throw us a random day of sunshine, and with the weather forecast promising plenty of rain for the next couple of days, I was quick to pull my thrifted, sleeveless, silk, "Out Of Africa" shirt off the hanger. I paired it with a pair of viscose summer pants I picked up at a flea market recently and, of course, the Margaret Howell sandals, which arrived yesterday in all their glory. The bag is from the charity shop, and unfortunately it really stinks. I hope I'm not delusional when I say you don't notice outdoors.


Asha said...

Superfine bukser og rare sandaler. Meget sommerligt. Meget fint:)

Thea vintage said...

Ah the polka dot trousers are perfect! I am looking for a pair just like them. Which me luck on my thrift hunt!

d.h.e.r. said...

Thank you both - and good luck to you, Petra! They'll probably turn up when you least expect them to, and you'll probably take home a pile of drop-dead gorgeous vintage garments before that, if I know you right!

Tanesha-Marie said...

I love this outfit and the trousers are so nice on you-good buys :)

Tanesha x

Sara said...

Love you're blog, honey. I follow u, hope u follow back :)

A lot of kisses.