Jun 3, 2012


Hello. Sunday came and Sunday went, and, as you can see, twas windy and I made the most of it by dressing up like Harlequin. I built my Sunday outfit up around the red tights, which I, incidentally, got for Christmas but hadn't gotten around to wearing yet. With all the Christmas presents being broken in these past two weeks, you'd think Christmas was last month and not nearly six months ago, wouldn't you? Well, to defend my delayed use of the tights, I guess I didn't wear them all this while because I chronically feel like it takes a little bit too much effort on my part to make coloured tights work. However, to help me overcome this misapprehension, I've been collecting a few photos of looks that incorporate red tights in a supreme way.

Whoever said you should always wear black tights was obviously not thinking straight. Just look at two-time America's Next Top Model runner-up Allison Harvard who shows us a way to make red tights WERQ. I'd actually go as far as to give the red tights the credit for elevating her outfit to the level of interesting and unexpected. Also, yes, I did just reference ANTM. Although most of the people I know in real life have given up on the show by nowI have to admit that it's still one of my most favorite guilty TV pleasures. I have in no way grown tired of Tyra Banks' articulate self-absorbedness and have come to terms with the fact that I probably never will. (What can I say? I'm an amoeba.) Although few and far between, inspiring contestants do also come along on the show, such as Harvard, whose style and general aesthetic are just phenomenal.

In other red tight news, the Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee Spectacular at Topshop Oxford Circus a couple of days ago also made a case for red legs (amongst other red limbs), showing us that cream, pastel yellow and baby blue work phenomenally with red too. While I still haven't found any perfect baby blue items to add to my wardrobe, you can rest assured that when I do, Imma be werqin them fuckers with my red tights Meadham Kirchhoff style!

Obviously, I didn't exactly translate above inspiration literally when I finally got around to testing out my red tights. However, I did manage to incorporate a colourful cotton blouse, which has been begging me to wear it ever since I thrifted it a couple of months ago. Now it's on the blog - can you believe its luck? The skirt is Acne and the ankle boots Billi Bi. It's pretty obvious which part of the world I'm in.

Harlequin; for comparative purposes.