Jul 30, 2012

we'll get there fast

shirt+trousers+belt 2ND HAND jacket H&M sunnies ASOS bag URBAN OUTFITTERS shoes CONVERSE

The weather's reverted back to its usual unpredictability, leaving me free to pile on the layers and attempt to make something that looks wrong happen anyway. It helps a little, of course, that I've applied the ancient old trick of standing in front of a green door so that at least something, anything, in the picture appears to match my shirt. Still, in spite of the accommodating setting, I cannot shake the distinct Florida pensioner vibe I'm picking up from this look; no doubt thanks to the combination of floral shirt, white (albeit sci-fi style) sports jacket and white sneaks. And though the shirt's floral print may be a little hard to distinguish in the picture, let me just add that it's actually pretty awesome in its very own, unique, kind-of-ugly way. It sort of makes me feel like I could blend right in with the Beach Boys.

Oh happy thought. This is the song I'd command them to sing to me.

Jul 28, 2012

socks n loafers

To me, holidays mean I get to indulge in any sartorial fantasy I feel like every single day. Yesterday, that meant clashing two of my favorite garments this summer: my sleeveless, button up shirt with blue roses and a candy stripe Designers Remix skirt (both thrifted). Who would've thought they'd make such a cute, sociable couple? My sturdy, old Adidas tote bag from Berlin certainly did't feel like a third wheel.

I've been looking for an excuse to air my British flag socks from Topshop ever since I got them (which was after the Queen's Diamond Jubilee), so, naturally, I jumped at the chance offered by the Olympic Games in London and took them on their virgin journey on the day of the opening ceremony (WHAT A FREAKING GREAT SHOW!). Never mind the boiling heat when you're on a hell-bent mission to wear a pair of quirky socks. I paired the celebratory socks with my Miu Miu loafers from So Last Season, because I love socks in loafers. The loafers, however, are proving to be murder to break in; I've had them for good while now, and they still butcher my feet every time I wear them. Since the fear of pain has severely limited my use of them so far, I might just have to pledge to wear them twice a week until I've worn them in properly. I did, after all, buy them with the intention of rocking the shit out of them.

Jul 24, 2012


dress+shirt+bag 2ND HAND sunnies ASOS belt FRENCH CONNECTION sandals MARGARET HOWELL

It was disgustingly hot today. Hence, the short, sleeveless dress. I did also layer an embroidered lace shirt underneath it, though. To cover up. Because I'm a prude.

If you're wondering at the nightmarish foot fetishist vision behind me, Copenhagen's in the process of having its metro system expanded upon, which means a lot of construction spaces scatter the city like open wounds. The sites are surrounded by protective walls, which are used as art spaces. I live close to this site.

Carefully standing in front of the future or some gateway into another dimension. C.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y.

Jul 20, 2012

Dagon's Wife

ballerinas SOFIE SCHNOOR

These ballerinas are my latest charity shop find. Although they're a bit more girly than what I'd usually go for, I couldn't resist their scaly texture and sea green colour, which immediately set my brain off imagining all kinds of possible and impossible deep sea creatures. Although it's a general rule of mine that things that make me think of fantastical creatures are special, it was, honestly, their 4€ price tag that, more than anything, helped my decision to get them. They are my first ever pair of ballerinas, and I still wonder if I'll ever wear them.

Jul 18, 2012

a little bit of everything

hat 2ND HAND sunnies ASOS bag 2ND HAND belt BLACK & BROWN LONDON docs 2ND HAND

Here I am dressed as an extra in the first season of 90210 (1990). Donna Martin actually tried to kill me over that tartan hat, but, luckily, knocking over her skinny, threatening frame proved easier than falling off a log; I'd barely finished yelling "It's mine, Donna. MINE!" when she hit the ground defeated. The true stars of my wardrobe right now, though, are my viscose, polka dot trousers. I wear them all the time at the moment (not literally). They are the perfect summer pant. Here, I went a bit print berserk with them, donning tartans on top, stripes in the middle and polka dots below. I actually ended up wearing the outfit two days in a row, I liked it so much.

Walked past some pretty hollyhocks against a yellow wall. Didn't exactly just walk past them, though; stopped to snap this photo. Obviously.

Jul 13, 2012

dressed for the weather forecast, not the weather

I found this broderie anglaise button-up blouse at a flea market; it's from Esprit, and it makes me look like a good Catholic girl. In my book, this blouse is a classic and it's never leaving my wardrobe, if I have anything to do with it.

What? Oh. Hai Docs!

Jul 12, 2012

Too spicy for the pepper: 100£ ASOS Blogger Challenge

The Discount Coder Blog's £100 ASOS Blogger Challenge

Superga wide flat shoes

Since I don't usually make these 'I wish I was wearing' kind of posts, you may well ask yourself why this funky mix of ASOS items is assaulting your eyes right now. Well to answer that question: it's my entry into The Discount Coder Blog's 100£ ASOS blogger challenge. These three pieces from my list of saved items add up to a little less than £100 but pack a whole lot more punch, if you ask me! Together, they make up the outfit I wish I was wearing whenever I'm secretly pretending I'm the long-lost Spice Girl: Funky Spice. P.S. If you're reading this in Google Reader, please excuse the spam. I'm a Polyvore novice who obviously didn't get it quite right the first couple of times.

Jul 10, 2012

Please understand. We don't want no trouble. We just want the right to be different. That's all.

Although Peter Jensen claims to have grown bored with the "quirky" label so often attached to his design aesthetic, I couldn't help but feel that his t-shirt for Topshop's NewGen line deserved to be scrambled with a mumsy denim skirt, a grandad cardigan and the sandal of choice for the British, middle-class, middle-aged, middlesize, 40-something married mum: slingbacks from the mighty Marks & Spencer. Totally stereotyping the brand here, I know (undskyld, Peter). I'll try to be more original next time. I'll also try to write shorter sentences.

Fun fact: The print on the t-shirt is inspired by the make-up from Jensen's AW05 show. There's some pretty freaky stuff going on make-up wise in that show, by the way, so if bunnies, bucks and glitter aliens on the catwalk sound like something you might jive with you should go ahead and click HERE (get it out of your system).

About the garb. I found the high waisted denim skirt from Lee at a flea market in the beginning of June. The bag and the cardigan are from a charity shop. The Marks & Spencer slingbacks are from a charity shop too, and initially, I was quite happy with their perfect balance of sleek and mumsy. Unfortunately, however, the heels broke (as in both cracked and caved in) the very first time I wore the shoes out (more specifically, about half an hour after we took these photos) which put a significant damper on my excitement about them. Let's not think about that anymore, though, and instead let ourselves be distracted by the deliciously stale chocolate brown colour of the Falke socks I'm wearing, while bearing in mind that we all know what stale chocolate looks like because we've all had our fill of it. There's no point in trying to deny it; just observe the socks and deal with it. (This is what is commonly referred to as "sock therapy" in the psychiatric books.)

Finally, I even had a theme song for this outfit. Well, an anthem, really. 1995. Pulp. Different ClassAs a working class teenager of the nineties, Britpop was never really a question of Blur vs. Oasis for me: subversive Pulp overruled all. They were the wittiest and their class consciousness the sharpest. And, of course, they're still as relevant as ever.

Jul 5, 2012



Catching flies whilst dressed as a mister. I love dressing like a mister. It makes me feel cool and inconspicuously sexy. I really want to roll down my sleeves in that picture though. And I also just want a better black blazer. So please, thrifting gods, send one down the stream for me, okay?

Thrifting prayers aside, I want to talk a bit about denim shirts, since, as you can see, I happen to be wearing one in the picture. I unearthed the shirt two weeks ago when I stopped by a random charity shop in my father's area of town. Having been on the look-out for a denim shirt since I started thrifting, it felt especially gratifying to finally find the right one. Apart from being a classic, I have a lot of memories tied up to the denim shirt. I remember the first denim shirt I owned. I remember it because the shirt was a sort of the catalyst for quite a dramatic image change for me. It was 1990, I was still nine and watching a random movie on TV one weekend afternoon when one of the friends of the protagonist, a young woman with an impressive mane of curly, honey blonde hair, suddenly appeared on the screen donning a loose denim shirt with a loosely fastened black leather belt on top. She'd paired it with black leggings and a pair of maroon cowboy boots, and I was in awe. I'd never thought of wearing my denim shirt this way before, but after seeing this, it pretty much became the only way in which I wore it. I remember immediately changing into the components I already had (shirt, black leather belt and black leggings) and wearing the outfit out to play with my friends when I'd finished watching the movie. Needless to say, I felt AWESOME. As for the rest, I got my hands on a pair of cowboy boots soon enough, and my parents were even surprisingly easy to convince on the perm job. Perhaps, the latter wasn't really all that surprising though. We had, after all, just come out of a decade obsessed with curly hair and poodle rock.

Jul 3, 2012

point of no return

Like most style bloggers out there, I'm a charity shop nut. I've been thrifting regularly for one-and-a-half years now and am thus still relatively new to the game. What got me hooked initially was this nifty little By Malene Birger blazer, which just blew my mind. It wasn't that I hadn't visited charity shops before; I just hadn't understood how to shop them successfully. After thrifting this blazer, however, it finally clicked in my head what all the fuss was about. I finally understood what thrifters meant when they said you never know what you'll find unless you go look. More importantly, I realised that it takes persistence and plenty of unsuccessful trips to the charity shops to thrift with success. Soon enough, a steady trickle of striking and fabulous things started seeping into my wardrobe and living space. Now, my biggest problem isn't what to wear; it's space and hangers (thin plastic or metal ones instead of the clumpy, space consuming wooden hangers I've accumulated over the years, duh).

Seeing what these past one-and-a-half years have done to my wardrobe and style, I sometimes can't help but wonder how I'd be dressing today if I'd started thrifting earlier in life. I'd most probably be a more advanced thrift shopper than I am right now. Estimating roughly, I'd say I'm currently in the prepubescent stage of thrifting: I'm still in the comfortable bubble in which I started and hardly ever steer too far away from the nurturing comfort of this home ground. In other words, most of the time I just go to one or two local charity shops, and once in a blue moon I stop by a random shop in a random area, if I happen to be passing by with a bit of extra time on my hands. I haven't yet branched out to the more advanced hunting grounds offered by the interwebs, such as Ebay or Etsy. The only time I bought something used online was when I bought my brown Docs on ASOS' Marketplace a couple of months ago. Yes, I guess you could say I'm a lazy thrifter. Sadly, I have nothing to say in my defense other than that I keenly feel I ought to start scouring these online sites on a regular basis to tap into a broader market, but I figure I'll probably advance to that stage in another three or four years, being the late bloomer that I am. I don't think I'll ever stop thrifting though.

Do you thrift? If so, I'm curious: how did you get hooked?

Jul 1, 2012

blue and red make purple

Summer is without question my favorite season for dressing. It means I get to wear skirts and shorts with or without tights, cute little jackets, whichever shoes I feel like and all my fun little bags that just look wrong against a heavy winter coat. With sunny skies emerging from a heavy blanket of grey clouds outside my window, I left the house late this morning, dressed for heat. Since I was going to a party, I wore my fancy looking Marni x H&M skirt, which I found at half price during the midseason sales. I paired it cleverly with a cooling, thrifted, silk, wrap around blouse, which probably saved me from passing out in the hot party tent.

I'm still crushing majorly on the Margaret Howells. They're the best pair of shoes I own (sorry Docs). With butter soft leather, they needed no breaking in, and, well, you can see how they look.

I also wore a denim sack bag to communicate to the world that although I wear pleated, gold lamé skirts and exquisite silk blouses, I am most definitely not a dame. I thrifted the bag for 2€ a few months ago, deliriously happy to get some acid wash denim into my bag collection. And although I usually don't like to have visible labels on my clothes, sunglasses or whatever, I must say I find it impossible to muster up any adverse feelings for a little plastic label inscribed with the word 'POINT'.