Jul 1, 2012

blue and red make purple

Summer is without question my favorite season for dressing. It means I get to wear skirts and shorts with or without tights, cute little jackets, whichever shoes I feel like and all my fun little bags that just look wrong against a heavy winter coat. With sunny skies emerging from a heavy blanket of grey clouds outside my window, I left the house late this morning, dressed for heat. Since I was going to a party, I wore my fancy looking Marni x H&M skirt, which I found at half price during the midseason sales. I paired it cleverly with a cooling, thrifted, silk, wrap around blouse, which probably saved me from passing out in the hot party tent.

I'm still crushing majorly on the Margaret Howells. They're the best pair of shoes I own (sorry Docs). With butter soft leather, they needed no breaking in, and, well, you can see how they look.

I also wore a denim sack bag to communicate to the world that although I wear pleated, gold lamé skirts and exquisite silk blouses, I am most definitely not a dame. I thrifted the bag for 2€ a few months ago, deliriously happy to get some acid wash denim into my bag collection. And although I usually don't like to have visible labels on my clothes, sunglasses or whatever, I must say I find it impossible to muster up any adverse feelings for a little plastic label inscribed with the word 'POINT'.


Daniella said...

Love how' you styled that skirt!!! :)

Take care,Damiella xox

Kultur und Stil said...

Oh that's a very beautiful way to style the marni for H&M skirt!

And your bag was a real bargain!

xxx Anita

Maxens M. Finch said...

The backpack's denim reminds me of water. It's a really cool backpack :o