Jul 18, 2012

a little bit of everything

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Here I am dressed as an extra in the first season of 90210 (1990). Donna Martin actually tried to kill me over that tartan hat, but, luckily, knocking over her skinny, threatening frame proved easier than falling off a log; I'd barely finished yelling "It's mine, Donna. MINE!" when she hit the ground defeated. The true stars of my wardrobe right now, though, are my viscose, polka dot trousers. I wear them all the time at the moment (not literally). They are the perfect summer pant. Here, I went a bit print berserk with them, donning tartans on top, stripes in the middle and polka dots below. I actually ended up wearing the outfit two days in a row, I liked it so much.

Walked past some pretty hollyhocks against a yellow wall. Didn't exactly just walk past them, though; stopped to snap this photo. Obviously.


Daniella said...

Love your outfit!!! Love how you've combined classic stripes with those awesome polka dot trousers. The tartan hat Is such a great touch and love how it continues the print play of the look! :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Anna Anaelle Feruga said...

Tomboy ? I say "yes"

Bisous, bisous
Little Anaelle