Aug 29, 2012

Myra came in looking mournful as she always did though she smiled when she talked about hell.

Hello! Please ignore my trashy hair and try instead to focus on what is probably one of my best second hand buys in 2012: a light, flowy Burberrys dress in the softest of denim. I've certainly worn it enough times this summer to warrant that statement. No wonder: the dress is a classic piece with a strong, mumsy, hip-enhancing vibe. I guess it doesn't hurt either that it can be worn with more or less anything and still look sharp. I like to quirk it up most of the time though (surprise); hence the stripes and leo spots. In my world, socks in sandals make even more sense when awesome print is there to be showcased. Plus, it means you get to wear your sandals through the chilly, final stages of summer when most other people turn to closed shoes.

As an admirer of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (I say this with not even an inch of sarcasm; the woman has an enormous intellect, is actively and industriously creative, is Queen and has great, sometimes weird style to boot), I'm happy to report that Her Majesty has the skirt version of my dress in her wardrobe. I'm currently working on a separate piece on her style for the blog. I don't think there can ever be enough pictures out there of old people with slamming style who embrace natural aging. That's also why I make sure to visit Ari's blog Advanced Style on a daily basis. I mean:

Set me free.

dress: thrifted Burberrys / wool cardigan: thrifted Mads Nørgaard
/ socks: Happy Socks / sandals: Margaret Howell


Asha said...

Seje damer. Glæder mig til at læse mere ikke-ironisk om Dronning Margretes glade små-wack stil!
Du ser i øvrigt også sød ud.

Lara Takahashi said...

My my mom loves that sorta dresses (this is a compliment, she has the best sense of style :D)
Advanced style is one of my fave blogs btw.
Left you an award on my blog, pick it up if you have time ;)

Kristina Lennon said...

Great thrifted finds and I love the quirky socks :) I just checked out Ari's blog and literally in love, so many characters. I sure hope I look that good when I'm their age. xx

Krystal said...

that is definitely an amazing find for a dress! very nice!

Daniella said...

Ah love that dress! It's length is chic and I really like it's tie waist and shirt style! Love that you have given it your own unique and unexpected twists with those awesome printed socks and those sandals that i adore so much. I am also a lot of the time inspired an older woman's sense of style, they seem so confident in what they are wearing. Great post :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Sadie Pep said...

i love your quicky outfit! And you make socks and sandals work!!!!!

keep it up!

Toni said...

Oh my, that sock and sandal combination is perfect!

Amy said...

those socks are awesome!

Inês de Castro said...

I looove the dress! Great find :)