Aug 8, 2012

to hell and back

If my feelings are strong enough, I don't constrict myself to wearing them only on my sleeves. Thus, this is what I chose to wear to IKEA today. Obviously, not my favorite place in the universe. Still, because the company manages to collect truckloads of miscellaneous bits and bobs in just one space, we seem to make our way there anyway every couple of years or so.

Today is also the first day of Copenhagen Fashion Week. I'm flying monkey class, meaning I'll be following all the hoo-ha on the interwebs as well as on my trusty old telly. This year, I'm especially excited by Peter Jensen's decision to move his show back to the motherland. Let's see what he decides to make of it.

sleeveless silk top: thrifted Sand / leggings: Stine Goya / jacket: 2nd hand
/ shades: Eley Kishimoto for Linda Farrow / bag: 2nd hand / shoes: Puma



Sallytangle said...

I love :) Your outfit, not ikea tho lol xxxxx

Daniella said...

The way combine prints is so inspiring!! I love your Silk top and i love how you have teamed it with that oversized checked jacket, the similar colour tones of the two pieces make the clash work oh so well :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Helena said...

love the jacket! x

Annushka said...

Inspirational style. I love it. Greetings from Russia.

sadieburnett said...

love the jacket! whole look is fab x

ScatterrBrained said...

ah you're such a funky girl :) loving your style! followed!

rebecca x

Christine T said...

OOHIE! I like the leggings, maybe not with these shorts- but these leggings are sweet! How much were they??

Do you want to follow each other? I am your NEWEST follower GFC! I hope you can stop by my blog, let me know what you think, and if you like it-follow back now too ^_^ I also have bloglovin'! Let me know. Have a happy Tuesday!

God bless,

Anna said...

Lovely blog dear!
You've got a new follower :P
If you want, you can check out my blog:
xoxo Anna :)