Jul 23, 2013

Living the dream

Performance art and underground music melted together on the grounds of an old concrete factory to give us Henrys Dream. And it was so much better than I had dared expect, even though Molly Nilsson for unknown reasons turned up a day late and thus ended up playing Saturday night instead of Friday afternoon. Nevermind. Dorit Chrysler filled in her spot in the afternoon sun just fine with her theremin - and there were more than enough great DJs around to help me dance away any lingering disappointment. And then, of course, I got to experience these two exciting acts:

Especially Dead Skeletons at half past midnight in a massive, dimly lit factory building stood out as a haunting, out of this world experience.

Conclusion: I'll be back for the full two and a half days next year. I'd hate to leave a day early again.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress / vintage Cacharel shirt / BZR parka /
thrifted bum bag / Le Specs sunnies / Dr. Martens chelsea boots

Jul 19, 2013

Many fall by the side

belt, bag, shirt, skirt - thrift - sunnies - ASOS - chelsea boots - dr. martens

It's summer and so far I'm enjoying all the perks of the holidays. I've managed to catch Kraftwerk's live 3D show, have icecream for lunch twice and shop more than I have this past half year put together. I thrifted the skirt yesterday for 5€; ordered a belt for it online today, etc. IT NEVER ENDS.

In other news, Molly Nilsson's playing at Henrys Dream tomorrow. I decided I'm going.