Aug 30, 2013

I wanna cut through glass

I can't decide about this skirt. Great or garish? It's by the evasive Louise Beén who's also responsible for one of my favorite summer shirts. I'll admit to it being an influence when I decided to thrift it earlier this summer. The 100% silk label was also very convincing. Probably, my perception of the skirt as I'm looking at this picture is influenced by the juxtaposition of its bright colours and the faded black of the American Apparel tee. That old v-neck is also a potent reminder of my wardrobe's mild top crisis. A crisis that's been in effect for so long, it's become as common to me as, say, the sawdust wallpaper on my walls. I hardly notice it any more. But looking at this picture, the absence of the perfect black top that doesn't need to be tucked in to look good on me is staring me dead in the face. Where is it? All I seem to notice online are fabulous things such as dis lil gem.

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