Oct 27, 2013

Presenting: An arm and a leg

I rarely do these eyes-on posts anymore, but it's Sunday evening and I have an urge to indulge a little bit. Since carefully considering anything you buy apparently results in not buying all that much, I'm getting better and better at sitting on my money. That means I might be able to invest in something huge soon. Whilst I consider my willingness to spend, I'm casually browsing the internet for the perfect black bag for everyday purposes. For years, I've been under the impression that this item would do wonders for my style. But since I'm not too keen on flashing high-end logos, finding that perfect black bag is proving a challenge. Marc by Marc Jacobs has done a couple of black bags I really like, and I also really like their price tags, but the blatant positioning of logo on the bags really puts me off.

Enter Alexander Wang's Prisma Skeletal Satchel. It's more than twice as expensive as the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags I've been eying, but its distressed look and absent logo tick all the right boxes for me. Not many would suspect me of having paid a leg for it. Like a target Derelicte costumer, that comforts me. And, of course, it looks really bad-ass.

I can't decide: would I actually wear these golden Stine Goya moonwalker boots or would they just sit there on my shoe shelves gathering dust with my silver Dr. Martens oxfords? I'm still debating, hoping the decision-making process will be alleviated by a hefty price reduction in the sales. Ah. Sartorial dreaming. Happy Sunday.

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