Oct 29, 2014


Winter is coming. I felt it this morning as the wind chilled my bones and my son complained of freezing fingers. Somehow it reminded me of this old thing from a time that seems endlessly far away now as the days grow shorter and the wind colder. I was caught by a street style photographer who ended up talking me into posing for a photo at this year's Roskilde Festival. Earlier that day, two guys had been giggling loudly at the same shorts that probably helped getting me noted. Maybe I will too in 10 years. Maybe I won't. It doesn't really matter, because that very morning I'd deemed the shorts the best festival wear I could ever wish for as I was sitting cross legged in the morning sun listening to DJs Food, Cheeba, and Moneyshot rearrange the Beastie Boys' 'Paul's Boutique'. The key word here is 'cross legged'. You can basically sit or slouch as you like in shorts. And after two hard days and nights, that seemed pretty well all-important.

Also, blogspot has made a right mess of the lighting in the photo, which looks really good on my desktop, but is completely overexposed when transferred onto here. But perhaps this is exactly what we need here at the threshold of winter. A light to make our eyes squint.

Happy hibernation out there!

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